April 29, 2019

When it comes to dating in the modern world, the lines have become somewhat blurred in the man’s role of correct dating protocol. There are so many things for one to consider! 

Do you text or call to ask her out?  Do you offer to pick her up, or just meet her at the venue? Do you ask her where she’d like to go for the date, or do you decide for her?  Do you take her somewhere casual, or somewhere fancy? 


January 2, 2017

Men often ask me what the key to success is in the dating world.  So, here’s a brief overview of how I think guys can excel in dating.

A successful male looks toward the future with optimism, and shrewd focus. He takes in information from his surroundings, analyses it, along with what’s brought him to this point, and, combined with his hopes and dreams, he plans his future.

Applying that to dating, he learns from his romantic pa...

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