October 20, 2018

A key quality one must have to achieve success, is the ability to focus.

This has become increasingly difficult as our brains are now conditioned to respond to constant stimulus. like beeping phones. Even if we were not being bombarded with perpetual notifications and advertisements, the untrained human mind is chaotic.

The most successful people throughout history have not always been the smartest or highly skilled, but they di...

September 20, 2018

There was a moment when I was on top of a mountain in New Zealand, I looked down at myself, and I was 20kg overweight.

I wondered "How did I get like this? How could I let myself get this overweight?"

The reality was that I was drinking wine at night to relax, unwind and to numb the stress of the day; drinking coffee in the mornings to wake up then cans of coke to get me through the day.

I was overweight, disconnected and out of...

January 15, 2017

Do you find yourself more productive in the morning than the afternoon?  Do your afternoons feel more like a jumbled mess of checking emails and trying to keep your head above water until 5pm hits?

What if you could have a SECOND wave of energy after lunch?  A time you could really count on, to get SHIT done.  Work you could really be proud of.  What price would you pay for that?  Would you pay with your time?...

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