Date Like A Successful Man

January 2, 2017


Men often ask me what the key to success is in the dating world.  So, here’s a brief overview of how I think guys can excel in dating.


A successful male looks toward the future with optimism, and shrewd focus. He takes in information from his surroundings, analyses it, along with what’s brought him to this point, and, combined with his hopes and dreams, he plans his future.


Applying that to dating, he learns from his romantic past, and is introspective about what he has to offer. He visualises the future and what he wants for his life.


He takes calculated steps to ensure that all areas of his life are running as smoothly as possible, becoming proactive in areas which need improvement, aware that his dating life will be better for it.


Knowing that he’s not an expert in every area, he seeks help and counsel and surrounds himself with friends who are on similar paths and are supportive of his journey.


By working on his self-improvement and by maintaining employment, the successful male equips himself for the future, ensuring that it will be comfortable. This attracts women who are looking for a man who is stable and has his life together and in possession of drive and determination.


He always looks after himself by maintaining hobbies that make him happy and healthy. His personal well-being is paramount and he expects the same in a woman he dates.


He knows he needs to stand out from the pack so he smartens up his wardrobe and appearance.


The successful man spends time socialising where he can, to meet his type of woman, because the one he seeks will be special and well worthy of the effort. He takes notice of what women like, and he learns to dance! As an old friend says, “he who dances doubles his chances.” He’s right! Women love a guy who dances, and can make them feel like Princess Di dancing with John Travolta, all while rocking a tux!


He wants someone who will compliment him but also is achieving her own life goals during her search for him. These are two people who want to grow together and help each other be their best selves, as they go through the adventure of life.


The successful man is not afraid to ask women on dates, and he uses that word! He takes her to places she’s interested in, lets her into his life, and is willing to compromise and learn new things from her.  He knows that every woman he meets deserves the best and always uses the manners his parents taught him.


By understanding that things don’t always work out in all scenarios, using effective communication, he sees everything as an opportunity to learn. He’s evolved enough to know that each person’s past deserves respect, having brought them to where they are today.


He adheres to his plan, as short cuts would be cheating himself, and he knows that he is better than that. He has faith in himself, and realises that every part of the journey must be experienced. He knows that the right woman will come into his life, and he’ll be ready for her when she does, because he’s learned more about himself by spending time in the single line.


Most of all, he has fun with the search! He enjoys every moment of life and his journey, and when he achieves his goals he keeps making more because a successful male’s sights for a happy future are ever evolving.


Marie-Louise Pawsey is a lifestyle & dating coach for men and focuses on stripping dating back to basics.

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