How Do I Get More Business?

January 2, 2017


The most important question in business is – “How do I get more business?”


In recent years Marketing has seen a revolution!

Gone are the letter drops and lumpy mail, with Facebook and Google you can be right in front of your customers 24 / 7.

But, if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone profiting? Well, just “doing” marketing is easy.

However, excellent marketing is not! So these are the six Rules that each and every marketing campaign must follow, be it online or not. Much like baking a cake if you follow the recipe you will get a result!


Rule 1: Allow purchase from the start


Now, without shoving your products down a prospect’s throat we need to give ample opportunity for our prospects to do business with you! That’s what we are here for right?

Different people buy at different stages, give them the option to do so or you will lose the easy sales. Believe me it can be that simple!


Rule 2: Join their conversation


Your prospects have fears and concerns. They have wishes and dreams, and your job as a marketer is to find out what they are.


Jump into the conversation that they are already having.

  • What keeps them up at night?

  • What is the worst possible scenario that they could think of?

  • What is the total solution to that scenario?

In all your marketing you want to demonstrate that you know their story and are the perfect fit for them.


Rule 3: Offers are time sensitive!


People are lazy, there I said it!

We put things off if we can, why buy today if we could buy tomorrow?

Why should your prospects part with their hard-earned cash today, if they could wait until tomorrow?

Sharpen the sword a bit and make a snappy offer and notice the numbers creep up.


Rule 4: Trade something


If you want emails, phone numbers, meetings with prospects they are not going to give it up for free. Offer them something simple yet ideal for their scenario?

If it is online, checklists, white papers, blue prints and so on work very well. If it is offline, potential business relationships, referrals, information and assessments work perfectly.


You will get a lot of guidance around what to choose from the questions in Rule #2.


Rule 5: Give clear instructions


You know those daytime TV infomercials that tell you to “buy now” nearly 30 times in a 240 second advertisement.

They do that because it works, this goes hand in hand with my point in Rule #3, people are lazy. Make it very easy for them to claim your offer, contact you or find out more. Telling them to do so will get much better results than not.


Rule 6: Results, results, results


If you are paying for marketing, you are paying for marketing. Not an excuse as to why your marketing did not work.

If you are marketing independently, then you need to look at your results and forget your emotions. If a campaign is not working, then it is not working and needs to change. It amazes me how many people will continue to spend money because they “feel” like it is a good campaign.


Results rule, if it works support it, if it doesn’t change it.


Aidan Parsons is a Business Coach and founder of Keystone Executive Coaching.

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