Is Self-leadership the model for all Success?

January 2, 2017


Personal growth and development has been around for a very long time and has many theories and practices as to who or what we should become to achieve success. While some theories make some very valid points, some have very fanciful ideas and require you to make complete transformations into characters most of us don’t want to become.


For most, we just want to live our lives on the course that we have already chosen, it’s just that we want to be better at living it. In essence, these theories and our wants are trying to achieve the same thing just with differing approaches.


As we grow in life, most of us want to achieve certain character traits; self-control, emotional stability and strength, self-awareness, strength of character, resilience, purpose and direction; being able to master these character traits makes us feel in control of our lives and gives us a sense of personal power.


All of these character traits combined are called maturity & wisdom and they require a high degree of self-leadership in order to become proficient at them. Nobody else can do this for us, we must take the onus and lead ourselves; if we want the truth of ourselves.


What we fail to see is that we have been doing this all our lives, from the day we were born to the day we depart this world we are participating in self-leadership- learning to feed ourselves, walking, talking, social interactions, working, raising a family and planning & acting towards our future. Where in this process did we lose sight of the fact that we own our own development?


Self-leadership is inherent in all of us, how good we are at it is a matter of opinion!!!


No matter what we are trying to do, achieve, learn or make a success of, in our lives the outcome is directly proportional to the effort we put in, however, the quality of the outcome is directly proportional to the way in which we lead ourselves into and through the task, event or situation. 


What separates good leaders is their ability to self-lead, what separates the great leaders is their mastery of self-leadership and therefore their ability to develop their own maturity & wisdom. 

As leaders of people, whether it is being leaders for our children or leading teams in the work force, we attempt to instill knowledge, wisdom and self-leadership in those we lead, so we can be confident that they are capable of taking care of their own life or job; they strive towards maturity & wisdom, stability and self-control, the traits that give them the belief that we are leaders who are worth following..


In order for these outcomes to be fully realized, we must be masters of our own self-leadership. 


It has been said- “If you cannot lead yourself you cannot lead other people”. 


We can now start to see how life, self-leadership, maturity & wisdom are very much intertwined, our desire to improve ourselves in these facets of life have a direct impact on the quality of experience of life, resulting in many of the good or bad feelings we experience.


What do you think? Can self-leadership be a standalone model for success or does success require something more or something different. Can a person be successful in some facets of life yet not in others and still be a good self-leader? 


Tamati Curtis is the director of Leadership and Business development at Curtis Part Group, helping men to reach their fullest potential is one of the driving forces behind his life’s purpose.   

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