Passion Is Not Sufficient For Effective Communication

January 2, 2017


Success is not just about you. It is also about who you have to become to assist others to achieve their success.  It is about the evolving the leader in you that creates, cements and transcends the material results of your success.  Your success can and should include others.


If you consider success from that perspective, it would mean that a key feature to achieving success is the way we communicate with others.  Guiding others to their success, showing them what is possible and assisting them to get there, means you have to be able to clearly communicate your message.  The power of that message is only useful if the receiver fully understands it and the responsibility for that lies solely with you.  If your listener does not understand, it means you have not communicated clearly enough at their current level of understanding.


The three key characteristics that can define your success as a communicator are:


-    Considered

-    Passionate

-    Empathetic


Successful people consider their communication, it is not just blurted out in the spur of the moment.  They do not fill silence for the sake of it, to avoid the awkwardness or to demonstrate their superiority.  A true leader’s contribution is thoughtful, relevant and helpful for those that it is delivered to. 


A quote that is credited to ABRAHAM LINCOLN expounds:


“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”


Passion is an often misunderstood term when it comes to communication. Passion is so much more than an excited tone, a raising of volume or the waiving of arms. It is something that comes from within. 


We must however avoid crossing from passion to rant, and not allow our passion to cloud our message or put people off side. 


It is important to ensure that we engage passion in our cause, that we portray passion in our message and also somehow instil it in our listener.  Successful men utilise reason and thought to support their passion, and it is never the sole matter of being right.  That can lead us to unsubstantiated claims, one man ship or stubborn argumentation, all of which can dilute the effectiveness of a truly successful male.


The Successful Male displays empathy. Lifting people to be the best they can be requires effective communication, patience and understanding on the part of a leader. A man who communicates effectively may very well find himself being elevated to leadership positions naturally.


Sometimes, people have to experience something to believe in it.  To become successful we have had to learn, implement and refine.  We must support others in this journey and allow them the support to make mistakes and learn from their actions too. 


As a leader, either now or in the future, your communication should strive to be  Considered, Passionate & Empathetic.  With this front of mind in all your communication, you can expect to make massive strides, not only on a personal level, but also at a professional level.


Frazer Yendell is the Managing Director of Public Speaking Institue, a Director Consultant with BNI and am an associate coach business coaching with CEO On Demand. 

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