Unleash The Power Of Your Mind And Claim The Holy Grail Of Success

January 2, 2017



Scientific studies on the benefits of heightened conscious awareness have become very common in the past few decades. These studies have shown that the more we are aware of our thoughts and actions, the more we can actively control neural activity to the parts of our brain that bring out the best of us. It is with your thinking that you create the results you experience in life.


It is a simple process to get what you want in life, however it is not easy. As you move through the process you are guaranteed to come up against personal challenges.  Moving away from long-term negative thinking and the resultant behavior requires a firm decision, it takes effort, patience, and courage and to some extent will power. Overriding deeply imbedded cultural and personal limiting beliefs will rock your foundations… however, in the end it is worth it.


The hardest part about this process is that you must be willing to pay the price for your success, and the price is being willing to go deep within the recesses of your mind to find the thoughts that have been holding you back. Those beliefs thoughts and habits that have been holding you back were fed to you over time through your environment, what you heard, what you saw and what you felt in all the days leading up to today.


Those beliefs, thoughts and habits have become who you are and they will fight for survival, even if they don’t serve you they are familiar and safe to you. Each belief you have about the world around you, whether right or wrong, takes up valuable real-estate in your brain and unless replaced will remain a part of your mindset, meaning you will continue to experience the same results day in day out.


To change your results you must change your mind, and as you change your mind you begin to change the neural pathways in your brain. It’s like an internal renovation, you have to rip out the pathway that you no longer need and replace it with new pathways to support the results you want.


By using your mental faculties you can create a picture on the screen of your mind of the results you want then begin to imagine those results you desire as if they are already true for you right now, become emotionally involved with your new future and feel passionate about what you are creating. When the old beliefs, thoughts, habits and doubts surface, it’s up to you to master your mind, give your energy to what you want.  Be prepared for chaos to ensue, as the old and the new battle it out for that slice of prime real estate in your mind.


When you focus on what you want, it’s like unleashing troops to the frontline in a battle. The more you focus on what you want the more troops you unleash and the more power you give to your new idea. By maintaining focus the new idea will eventually win and becomes firmly planted in your mind. You will know when this has occurred because your world around you will change, a new you will emerge, and your environment will change to support you, bringing forth the ideas, people, events and the resources you need to claim your very own Holy Grail.


Georgia Ellis is the founder of Blue Chip Minds; she empowers organisations and individuals to master the inner game of life in order to make their personal and professional goals a reality. For more information- visit www.bluechipminds.com.

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