Your Eyes Are The Window To Her Soul

January 2, 2017


I know it can sometimes be uncomfortable to look into someone’s eyes and hold a solid presence but it is so important. It is especially important if it is a woman who you want to attract. The way you hold eye contact says so much about who you are as a man. A lot of men ask me “What is the best pick up line to use” or If they see me talking to a woman they ask me “What did I say”. By them asking these questions, they are missing the point. Let me explain. 




Most of the time when I talk to a woman I completely forget what I am saying because I am so lost in the moment. All I focus on is my presence and maintaining deep eye contact. When holding eye contact with a woman it is important to focus on just one eye. When I hold eye contact, it is like I’m piercing her soul, I try and find the middle of her pupil. It is impossible to hold deep eye contact while trying to look into both eyes. Choose one eye and lock into that eye and when you look away, look up because this shows confidence. Never look down because this show weakness and timidity.


Let your eyes do the talking. Just by the projection of your eye contact with a woman, she can feel that she is desired in a sexual way.


When looking deep into a woman’s eye, stay relaxed in your eye contact and maintain a sexual presence. This may help you from falling in the friend zone. It is so important that you are relaxed and sexual all at the same time.


If you are just purely sexual and not relaxed with your eye contact, it will make her feel uneasy and extremely turned off. If you don’t have any sexual energy and are just relaxed she will put you in the friend zone. When I look deep into a woman’s eye I am completely relaxed in my eye contact and am thinking sexual thoughts about her and exactly what I want to do with her. Most women truly want to feel a masculine presence and to feel that she is desired. 


When you want to enhance attraction, let your eyes do the talking and allow that be your main form of communication. Rely less on your words and more on eye contact.


Andrew Mioch is an Australian dating coach and speaker. Andrew coaches mainly men giving them insights to “What women really want”. Andrew's coaching bridges the gap between the genders, to give men the power of choice with women.

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