The Great Vision Quest

January 2, 2017


 “The two greatest days of your life are they day you are born and the day you discover why” (Mark Twain).


If you find yourself reading  blogs or articles about vision, then you are seeking the answer to one of the following questions… “What is my purpose?”  or “How can I be sure it is the right purpose?”.


I was facing the same dilemma six years ago, I didn’t want to spend 10 years pursuing something only to find out I was wrong. I discovered the answer far away from all of these and I would like to share with you how I received a clear vision of my purpose.


A business mentor of mine shared something with me that would change my life forever, it would set me on an unbelievable journey; it was the answer I was searching for.


What he shared with me was not anything revolutionary, technical or even modern, on the contrary, it was quite old, ancient in fact. He told me about an American Indian tradition of how the men discover how their position in the tribe is determined. When a boy reaches the age of becoming a man, the boy is sent out of the village into the secluded location for four days with nothing to eat, drink or even read. They call this a ‘Vision Quest’; the boy subsequently receives a vision of his unique calling or purpose and then re-enters the tribe and becomes an apprentice or student of that purpose. The American Indian's believe that our purpose is a spiritual gift and to be sure about your purpose you must break away from all distractions and connect with spiritual powers to receive a vision.


I did my own mini ‘Vision Quest’ to see what it was all about; I spent three days camping alone in a national park with nothing but water, no technology not even a watch. I hiked, climbed and scaled my way through the national park, it was amazing being that close to nature and away from all distractions; able to focus on my thoughts. At first my thoughts were all about the food I was going to eat when I returned.


The second day I didn’t really think much about the food but my mind was still busy with worrying about the massive to-do list I had and all the things I wanted to do but didn’t have the time or resources. In the middle of the second night something happened, something I will never forget; I woke up feeling nauseous, dizzy, like I wanted to throw up. Eventually, I passed out, only to wake up early in the morning feeling like I had never felt before (I found out later that this ill feeling was just my body going through its own detox). 


I felt amazing, I just wanted to run, so run I did! I ran through the forest thinking clearer than I had ever thought before, I was seeing answers to problems, creating revolutionary marketing strategies and most importantly, I was seeing what my future held and what my purpose was. I discovered that my purpose was to help other people live their lives impacting others with their purpose; living on purpose. I just discovered the first key to discovering your purpose is spiritual connection. 


Spiritual connection equals vision of purpose. 


I challenge you to do your own version of the ‘Vision Quest’, I want to hear about what you experienced, I know it will be amazing.


Craig O'Sullivan is a thought leader and professional speaker's coach and specialises in mindfullness, powerful story telling and living on purpose.

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