How Polarity Creates A Successful Relationship

January 15, 2017


Polarity is the magnetism, the passion, the “spark”, the attraction that happens between a man and a woman.


What people don’t get is what attracts men and women together.


Not surprisingly, this is one of the main reasons why many relationships fail today.


Polarity is when a woman assumes her femininity in a relationship and a man assumes his masculinity…


The deeper the polarity, the more intense the attraction. 


In other words the more feminine a woman, the higher quality you, as her man needs to be within his masculine.


unfortunately, most women appear to live their relationships in fear, not love. And this fear creates massive depolarization and demagnetizing from men.


The core of the masculine is fundamentally opposite from the core of the feminine. Whilst natural femininity rides on play, fun, love, feeling, and emotion, relationships, masculinity runs on confidence, strength, direction, purpose, understanding.


If you want to see polarity in action, visit a high school football game. The dainty cheerleader and the macho footballer just can't resist each other. It's like some force “hypnotizes” them to pull towards each other. That force is so undeniably powerful.


That force is polarity.


Polarity is even more important than having common interests. It sounds crazy but it is true.


A man and a woman may have nothing in common, but if they have strong polarity, they can become irresistible to each other. 


In today's world, more and more women are taking up the “masculine role” and more men are taking up the “feminine role”.


The “polar roles”, instead of macho men being dominant to their submissive housewife, have become more equal. 


Perfect, finally everybody is finally happy… aren't they?


On the surface it's a great thing, but look deeper and you will see that many relationships are dying.


Most dead relationships are rooted in dead polarity, and dead polarity causes relationships to become tedious.


Polarity is what may be needed, to cause the spark of passion.


Did you ever play with those little circle magnets the size of coins? What happens when you have two of those little circle magnets with an equal charge? They would just sit there. They wouldn't do anything like push away from each other or suck together. There's no magnetism.


When you flip one over to -, and the other is still + they attract. Positive wants negative, masculine wants feminine.


In most relationships, I’ve witnessed that simplicity works. Women feel relaxed, strong and comfortable within their feminine nature and men feel empowered within their confident, strong & powerful masculine nature.


The polarity, the attraction, the passion, the magic comes rushing in when the polarity is right.


If you've heard of the Law of Attraction, this is it at work.


Now if we want polarity, one person in the relationship has to be the leader (masculine) and the other the follower (feminine), otherwise you will find endless power struggles.


There are never two Kings in a Kingdom. There is King, the ruler and the Queen, by his side, ruling with quiet strength unbeknown to anyone else.


It is in fact, the Queen, in her elegant feminine strength that actually rules the Kingdom, the King usually follows his Queen’s wishes – but only if, in public, the Queen allows the King the center seat.


As a conscious man in this era, embrace your masculine core and encourage your partner to embrace her feminine. Create polarity and you will propel forward both as individuals and as a power couple.


Michael Lauria is a Relationship Coach and speaker specializing in helping couples create more passionate, purposeful and conscious relationships.

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