What Is Blocking Men From Overflowing With Passion - Part 1

March 4, 2017



“The Meaning of life is to find your Gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso


There is nothing more attractive than being surrounded by like-minded, high vibration and passionate people. These successful people embrace, embody, love what they do and have an abundance of energy. Let me ask you this if I may?


Do you leap out of bed in the morning?  Are you overflowing with creative ideas?  Have you discovered the unlimited source of energy and vitality?


Many men are chasing their tails, being the stable foundation within the family, attempting to keep everyone else happy, being the stable force in the workplace while riding a game of high’s and lows of life. By the end of the week they feel drained and many pass-out asleep on the couch. This is exhaustion in action and some men are walking a fine line towards eventual burnout.


Sadly, many men are filling everyone else’s cup and not thinking about their own personal needs. On the contrast, men who take proactive action to ‘booking time for self’ are viewed by some as selfish and self-centered. They hold a high regard for ‘personal development’ and success is high on their agenda.


“Purpose without passion is superfluous and dead. Passion with purpose is magnetic, attractive and a life-force all of its own.” - Zoe Bell


Many men are reaching breaking point and may be heading towards an inevitable burnout. Burnout is not a diagnostic term yet. It is an umbrella term that may include physical, mental, emotional and psychological exhaustion, as a result of sleep deprivation and unmanaged stress.


When an individual is stressed, they may feel less motivated to take time out to connect with their passion, as they think there is no time. The negative backlash of self-talk kicks in and so the downward spiral continues. The reality, as we each know from our own lives and life experiences, is to step away, take time out and do something we love. This way we can return refreshed, energized and more inspired. Overall, this can lead to increased work creativity, greater focus, improved moral and a happier environment.


According to a study by Safe Work Australia, stress is costing the Australia’s business sector more than $10 Billion every year. This is alarming!


This is not only impacting workers, but also their families and it takes individual responsibility to shift and change the collective. Be the change, you wish to see.


In reflection, with the current hectic pace of life, it is more vital than ever to book time in for yourself every day. More and more people are shifting to building businesses around their passions and stepping away from the social norm of the fortnightly paycheck. The key is to start today, doing at least one thing that you love and is easy to do and allowing your passion to be your guide.


This will be your sanity, especially if you are in a job that you are dissatisfied with.  As you make this shift in responsibility for self, you will soon discover that the awakened passion will start to infiltrate into your current workplace. The more we push away a situation, the more we become stuck.


Standing at the helm of the sinking ship serves no one, be the change and know when to step away and book time in for you, this I will expand on in part 2, “How successful men overflow with passion”.


For now, until next time become curious to explore what passion means to you, how to access it and how to awaken its rawness from deep within.


Zoe Bell is an international Mindset Coach, Body Therapist, international Presenter and published Author.

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