Improve Your Personal Style For Personal & Professional Success

March 25, 2017



Are you a man who thinks improving your personal style has to cost you an arm and a leg, or something you are unable to achieve on your own?


The few tips shared below will help you take charge of your personal style and achieve personal improvement, that may just enhance your look.  Why personal style?


Everyone has a personal style, but only few have been able to consciously identify and own it.  Personal style is personal reflection of a point of view, generally achieved through clothing and accessories.  


One of the keys to becoming a stylish person, is figuring out what your personal style is.  How can you improve your personal style?


Improving your personal style as a man, starts with knowing who you are, understanding your persona and personal brand, i.e. what you want to present to the world.  You then need to find wardrobe pieces that highlight the above.  


Personal style involves deliberately considering how you want to come across and making the desirable impression with your appearance.  This is important because it helps you realize that style is about being “uniquely you”.  Style is distinct from fashion, because unlike fashion that screams ‘me too!’, style says ‘me only’.


Style is personal.


Once your purpose, brand and message have been understood and established, you should take it a step further by answering the ‘what do I have?’ question.  The very next thing you want to look at is your natural endowment. Hence, it will be important that you know your body type and shape, what suits you and what doesn’t.  


Start by assessing your current wardrobe.  Do you know the contents of your wardrobe?  Well, if you don't, you really need to, because that is where it all actively starts.  


One of the major results of assessing what you have (knowing the content of your wardrobe), is that you will have a wardrobe full of clothes that you always love to wear.  In the process of developing your unique style, assessing your wardrobe can assist you in:


1. Identifying your current style

2. Uncluttering your wardrobe effortlessly

3. Getting a sense of what you are comfortable wearing


After assessing what you have, if it suits your present or desired style, you can confidently introduce some new pieces. Shopping for new pieces will be easier and intentional.


In addition, drawing inspiration from men who inspire you by the way they look, men whose personal style you are probably drawn to, is another way to improve your personal style.  You will also need to critically consider the following as they form a foundation that can help you consistently achieve an effortless personal style:


  • Color - to always look your best, wear colors that are right for you.

  • Comfort - comfort should never be compromised, it’s advisable to only wear what you are comfortable in.

  • Fit, Function and Fabric - ‘just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits”, whatever you wear always focus on fit, ensure that your clothing fits appropriately.

  • After a fit-check, you can then consider if the clothes are serving their function and also if the fabric is suitable for the climate.

  • Grooming - personal grooming cannot be overemphasized. Pay attention to your hair and smell and make it an essential habit to stay clean, neat and hygienic.

  • Have a plan that helps you maximize your wardrobe items so you wear most of what you have, most of the time

As you apply all these, don’t forget that a smile and confidence still remains the best outfit you can ever wear.


Stephen Akanmu helps business professionals create an image that helps them to project their competence and attract the opportunities they want.


He is an Image Strategist and the founder of DressUp Academy.

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