10 Reasons Why Most People Do Not Become Successful

July 19, 2017

Earl Nightingale once said that most people want to be more successful, but only 1% ever achieve massive success in life. 


While success is different for different people, there is no denying that success involves doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want.  Now, no one can do what they want, when they want, with whom they want all of the time, but it can be easily argued that out of two people, the person who is able to design their life in a way where they spend let’s say 80% of their life doing what they want, when they want, with whom they want, is more successful than the person who might only be spending 20% of their time doing what they want, when they want, with whom they want.


Success may be individually relative, but the definition of failure is always the same.  A person’s inability to reach their goals in life, whatever their goals may happen to be. 


Here are some reasons why some people never achieve success:


1. They never set an intention to become successful:  Some people just lack drive and a burning desire to do more, be more and have more and even though they may not be happy treading water and living in mediocrity, they will staunchly defend their right to live in their comfort zone.


2. They have never taken the time to know who they are and what they want:  Most people have been conditioned to work harder on their jobs than on themselves.  If a person knows more about their occupation, religion, culture and nationality than they do about their own purpose, passion, values and strengths, you’re dealing with a person who is unconsciously following the masses and as we all know, that results in a life of mediocrity.


3. They do not set goals:  Whilst numerous studies have been done that have demonstrated the link between goal setting and success, majority of people do not believe in setting goals and do not go beyond having a set of hopes and wishes that never ever translate into tangible outcomes.


4. They do not value time:  Most people are too consumed with distractions, sports, entertainment and consumerism to really put all of their focus, attention and energy into designing a successful life.  They waste their time in the wrong job/s, at the wrong events and with the wrong people and wonder why they have very little to show for all the years of their life.


5. They do not like taking risks:  Successful people understand that there is no reward without risk.  Unsuccessful people form the habit of delaying and procrastinating.  They are more concerned to avoid loss than to make a gain.  They lack courage to challenge the status quo and “play the game of life to not lose” instead of “playing the game of life to win”.


6. They have beliefs, habits and the mindset of struggle:  Most unsuccessful people do not realise that they have programmed themselves to see the negative in every possibility and to see a world where lack, limitation and scarcity are more prominent than abundance and opportunities. 


7. They lack standards:  Unsuccessful people do not set high standards of performance, productivity, presentation and never set a true intention to create iconic work, or to make a massive difference.


8. They are problem avoiders:  Unsuccessful people do not understand that people who become successful get that way due to their ability to solve big problems.  Those who avoid problems, diminish their ability to solve problems and therefore diminish their capacity to become successful, or to make a difference. 


9. They are indifferent:  Unsuccessful people don’t really care about legacy, impact or anything more so than their own basic survival needs.


10. They do not take action:  Unsuccessful people always have reasons to NOT step boldly in the direction of their dreams.  They always have an excuse why it’s not done, can’t be done and shouldn’t be done. 



The people who are hugely successful are not necessarily more educated, talented or as special as we may think, they have just formed the habits of doing things that unsuccessful people do not do.


Whilst everyone has the potential to be successful, unless we are intentional about it, we are pretty much assured of living an average life.  An average life is all about just getting by and not striving to be better.  Being average is about being neither here nor there.


If you want to be successful, understand this; It is OK to be average, but it is NOT OK to be in acceptance of average.

Ron Malhotra is the founder of The Successful Male and the Editor of The Successful Male Magazine.  www.thesuccessfulmale.com



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