Top Influencers Share Their Success Tips For 2018

December 1, 2017






"Focus on one thing you want to achieve. When your mind is focused on a certain goal then you can give it 100% of your effort. Stop focusing on 10 things on once, focus on the most important one."


Nicholas Bayerle


Nicholas Bayerle is the founder of The Billion Dollar Body, a high level community of businessmen that want to achieve greater success in their  health, wealth, and relationships.
















"Be brutally honest with yourself when it comes to your short comings in business and self-improvement. Lying to yourself only feeds the ego while stunting personal innovation and evolution. This brutal honesty will make you furiously optimistic.”


Marcus Aurelius Anderson


Marcus Aurelius Anderson is an Author, TEDx speaker, Keynote Speaker and Mindset Coach to Executives and Professional Athletes. 

















"Steps towards your dreams, be yourself, know your blockages, gain clarity & focus on what you really want, surround yourself with a supportive environment, reprogram yourself that anything is possible, structure a plan and take action, leave your comfort zone."


Phil Henseler

Phil is a Surfing Alchemist that is most fulfilled when he is using the elements of nature and adventure to transform the lives of others.















"LEARN HOW TO PLAY “THE GAME” TO WIN - Life and Business “is a game”; “You” have to learn how to outperform the image of yourself to win.” This discovery came to me to after revelations of my million-dollar commission earnings building my businesses."


Christopher Cumby

Author, Sales Trainer & Consultant. Christopher is best known as a Sales & Marketing expert and he also Co-founded Think BOLD, Be BOLD Ventures, a business incubator to aid in the development of entrepreneurs.















"Stop Thinking. Just Do - Most people think too much, and it leads to overanalyzing things. The more you think, the more you paralyze yourself from actually taking action. Try things out. Mess up. Never do it again. Pivot. Repeat."


Kevin Stimpson

Kevin Stimpson is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and branding expert. He’s the CEO of Strive & Grind, an international branding boutique that helps entrepreneurs and service-based businesses create premium brands.

















"Spend time in silence, to be present with your thoughts, feelings and desires. This secret tip expands the time you have available on earth and promises greater health and wealth."


Barry Magliarditi


Barry Magliarditi, CEO and Founder of The Game Changers is powered by his vision is to activate the potential of all beings. Voted NIBIA Business Coach of 2016, Barry assists his clients through exploding not only their business success but their life at large!















"When building our gratitude practice, we’re shifting our mental focus in our brain from danger to what’s going well. We start taking better care of ourselves and to others. Gratitude is your fastest way to change your definition of reality."


Tofe Evans


Tofe Evans is a thought leader on practical resilience and a limit pusher. He's here so you have the mental artillery to hold yourself together when you face adversity.















"Find whatever it is your heart burns for and never let that feeling go.  20 years from now you will thank yourself."


Gabriel Patrick


Gabriel Patrick is a serial entrepreneur, musician and Instagram Influencer.  He is also the Founder of JamGo, a music community platform for the next generation of musicians.















"Every day. Every single day, make generation of some kind of income a deliverable. It might be that you only have time to sell one item; perhaps it's not even directly from your business. But sell something, to someone."



Richard Moore


Now a founder of great businesses after a decade working in London, Richard Moore is a consultant to entrepreneurs starting their first company all the way up to nine figure corporates. As well as heading his business and sales training consultancy, he runs two taekwondo schools. Richard has recently been voted one of the most important startup influencers in London by 99 Designs and has also been featured in The Huffington Post, Influencive, Inc, Thrive Global and many other spaces where agile, exciting growth occurs. Richard is most noted for his weekly Startup Business Q&As, live on Facebook and his podcast.













""The more you do, the less you wait” has always been my life motto. I wouldn’t be 20 years old having built the business and lifestyle I’ve built if I didn’t truly believe that."


Ken Conklin


Ken Conklin, 20 year old CEO of Gravel to Castle, helps millennial entrepreneurs build premium brands that showcase their true worth by leveraging content and social media.
















"A sip of coffee today can last for Forty years. Meaning a relationship you developed today with someone over a cup of coffee will last for a long time. Relationships are the foundation of everything."


Duku Forè


From being born in a refugee camp in Uganda to becoming an international speaker and representing Australia at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Duku has a strong dedication to imbuing inspiration to the greater community.
















"In order to have success in 2018, you must have a plan and prepare to win every day. Only then can you ultimately expect to win."


Kendal Netmaker


Kendal is a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur who has been speaking professionally to thousands of people around Globe on motivation, leadership and the power of telling your story. His clients include organizations such as: Ernst & Young, TEC Canada and We Day.

















"We no longer operate in the B2B or B2C world but in H2H, this being human to human. People buy into you, your company then your product. It has never been more important to build your influence and online footprint."


Alex Pirouz


Alex is the CEO of Linkfluencer, an awarding training company that has educated over 18,000 people in 55 industries and 30 different countries.
















"My number one piece of advice for young entrepreneurs is to get started. It will never be the "perfect situation" to begin so just start now! Begin networking and cold emailing people that inspire you and just offer to give value to them with no expectation of return!"


Jesse Kay


Jesse Kay is a 17 year old speaker, thought leader and podcast host for his show 20 Under 20’s ( He has been featured in publications including Business Insider and HuffPost among others. Jesse was born into an entrepreneurial family and started his first business at 9 years old flipping sneakers on eBay.














"As long as you're breathing, you still have 100% more success than the guy in the grave."


Connor Cranston

Connor Cranston is a Marine Corps Veteran turned Natural Health Strategist. His works include 2,000+ students from 90+ countries, speaking on Tedx, and empowering the planet to become more conscious.















"Value personal growth over money. Commit to personal growth. The best way to guarantee future success is to commit to developing better habits daily by working out, reading books, and spending time with people and activities that you love." 


Rob Fajardo


Rob Fajardo is a sought-after millennial influencer, speaker, and business advisor. His mission is to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves and create things that matter. He is the founder of Leave Normal Behind and the viral marketing partner behind the global fidget spinner phenomenon. Rob Fajardo has been featured as a top 30under30 millennial influencer to follow in 2018 by Everipedia, BuzzFeed, and New Theory Magazine.















"You don’t get success by wishing for it or speaking it into existence. One thing successful people do better than everyone else is they know how to control their time and outwork everyone else."


Fahad Mohammed


Fahad is a 2x Huffington Post featured businessman that is currently working on Influencer Viral- which produces viral video content for companies. He is also launching another venture soon.
















"Be Selfish!

The most important thing you can do is take care of your mind and body ahead of work or family. Even if you want to be the next Mother Theresa, you can’t serve if your cup is empty."


Frankie Vignone


Frankie Vignone is a speaker and coach at Frankie V and the #1 Health and Mindset Expert for Corporate Men.

















"Believe in your heart that you will do what you were meant to do.  If you do that, no person or circumstance will be able to stop you."


Ron Malhotra


Ron Malhotra is the Founder of 'The Successful Male'. Ron is a Thought Leader, an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, an Internationally Certified Success Coach, Award-Winning Wealth Planner, Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a #1 Best-Selling Author.


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