Addicted Or Dedicated?

April 15, 2018



Are we slaves to distraction? Are we addicted to instant gratification? Are we in an addicted society?


Are we constantly distracted by things, activities and behaviours that are draining and sabotaging our inspiration, energy and outcomes?


Addiction has roots stemming both psychologically and biologically. The ingestion of substances such as alcohol, nicotine, energy dense foods or activities such as gambling, sex, shopping, social media and entertainment initially cause pleasure and may affect the secretion of the happy hormone of dopamine. Pleasurable at first, the continued engagement of such behaviours can interfere and sabotage important work, relationships and health.  Without awareness, this once pleasurable ‘hit’ can become the very thing that destroys our capacity to live a holistically successful life.


The world bombards us with many attention-draining and addictive stimuli, that takes our attention away from the important stuff.


It is very easy for a man's attention to be sucked in by the 'fatal' attractions of the world.


Without conscious awareness, our growth can be robbed and our attention sabotaged.


The effects of neglected unconscious thought processes and behaviours, can spell disaster over the long term.


The smart phone has revolutionised the way we interact, society, the way we consume information and our daily lives. 


Research shows on average, 3 hours a day are spent on our smart phones.


Addiction to Facebook, Instagram, tinder, and the notification of other people's lives DISTRACTs us from making the best of ours.


Take notice next time of the number of people on their phones while at restaurants with friends and companions, in shopping centres and even while driving. How many times do you check your phone for updates at the train station, while your kids are around, while you are on a date?


Awareness and acceptance of such addictive behaviour(s), and the desire to grow from such behaviours will always be the foundations of change.


Alcohol, drugs, pornography, entertainment & social media start off as simple distractions, but can turn into destructive addictions.


Ask yourself...Is this habit, the belief and unconscious attachment to the 'addiction' working for me?


Can you detach from these distractions and addictions to form deeper, intrinsic desire for growth, mindfulness, reflection, deep work and future planning which would result in you actually having something to show for your life?


Are the distractions that the world presents us bad or evil? No of course not. The experience of them is part of human nature.  They only become destructive when our personal identification becomes unhealthily attached, and our capacity to prioritize is compromised.


It is up to our own individual awareness to decipher what we are distracted by and to take back control. Change your distractions to focussed attention and your addictions into healthy dedications that nourish your deepest wants, values and goals. Develop the awareness to create the gap between behaviours that don't serve you, to those that do.


Will you be distracted or attentive? Addicted or dedicated?


Anil Khanna is a Mentor at The Successful Male Global Pty. Ltd.


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