We Are Not Entitled To Anything

July 15, 2018


When we live with the awareness that everything in life is a gift, it enhances our state of gratitude, freedom and well being.  Things that we previously considered insignificant start seeming interesting.  Every moment becomes a gift, when we realize that we aren’t entitled to anything after all.  Our life, our health and our loved ones are all gifts.


We begin to realize the truth, that we have never been securely entitled to anything.


People seem to really grasp this truth when they are faced with the prospect of loss of life, loss of health or loss of a loved one.


Nothing is fail-proof.  Legal contracts, bank savings, corporations, economies, good health, relationships, etc... can all fail within moments and there is no real sense of security in the outside world.  No matter where we are in life, we are always moments away from losing it all. This is a sobering truth that most don’t want to face.


But, facing this truth is liberating and gives us a greater sense of freedom.  Paradoxically, it can also give us an inner sense of security that the outside world can never give us.  If everything is a gift, what makes so many live their lives with a constant state of frustration, misery or entitlement?


The reason so many of us are not conscious of our gifts, is because we have been led to think that only lucky breaks, material possessions or successful outcomes are gifts.  But when we know that gifts are more than what we define them to be, the world of wonder opens up for us, and this enhances our sense of gratitude, well being and freedom.


When we truly grasp that we are not entitled to anything after all and everything we experience is a gift, we do not take life for granted.  We develop fascination for all that life has to offer.


Ron Malhotra is the founder of The Successful Male and the Editor of The Successful Male Magazine.  www.thesuccessfulmale.com

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