How Our Mind Determines Our Energy

July 28, 2018


A key contributing factor to success is our attention focus.


The more we place our attention on things that make us feel positive, the more energy is unleashed in us, which can be used to produce more and perform more.


People who keep succeeding are those who have found a way to consistently place their attention on the things they want, instead of what they don’t want. 


People who keep struggling are those who have formed the habit of consistently placing their attention of what they don’t want. Another name for this is ‘worrying’.


When we are constantly thinking positive thoughts and we remain focussed on our hearts true desires, we produce high levels of energy to continually carry out the work that would create the things we truly want to create.


Keep your attention on what you want with a state of expectation (without feeling desperate).  This will enhance your energy levels and result in high levels of creativity and performance.


People who are happily successful have a lot more free access to their creative energy than most people, because they consciously place their attention on things that unleash their energy. 


We take quicker and more confident action when we emotionally feel lighter and unrestricted.  The feelings of joy provide us with high levels of energy to perform at higher levels and create more outcomes with higher quality, speed and ease. 


All of the above results in accelerated success and faster outcomes.


Ron Malhotra is the founder of The Successful Male and the Editor of The Successful Male Magazine.



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