Yes, There Is A Leader In You

August 4, 2018


The word "leader" has been tarnished to a great extent.  For some of us when we hear the word, it conjures up images of power-hungry, egocentric greedy men (or women) who are self-serving and devoid of compassion. 


You see, most people that we see as leaders are not authentic leaders.  They are merely 'positional' leaders.  Meaning, their leadership status is a consequence of their formal authority (which they may or may not have earned).


I will never forget the wise words of my friend - "you haven't lead until you have lead a team of volunteers first."  If people follow someone solely because their salaries depend on them, then that person is not a true leader.


Here is what I know to be true.  Worldwide, we have a leadership crisis.  People across the globe are tired and disillusioned by the people that are supposedly leading them.  This is because true leadership is less about 'self' and more about serving 'others'.  If you have never thought of yourself as a leader, now may be the time to consider it. 


The world definitely needs more responsible leaders.  When men become better leaders, it benefits families, communities, industry and nations.  Leadership is a quality that can be cultivated in anyone who has the desire to serve and empower others.


Here are some reasons why you may wish to consider becoming a leader.


  1. Leaders Get To Build Up Others' Self-Worth – Many people have a poor self-image.  Leaders get to help others have greater self-belief.

  2. Leaders Get To Live Lives Fueled By Deep Passion – Leaders are dissatisfied with the status quo but instead of doing nothing or complaining, they decide to do something about it.

  3. Leaders Get To Accomplish Great Things With A Team – You can accomplish more with a team than you can by yourself.

  4. Leaders Get To Use Their Influence To Serve Others – Great leaders leverage people and resources to add value to others in their sphere of influence.

  5. Leaders Get To Cast Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow – Vision is the gift given to leaders.  Great leaders enjoy the moment but are always moving forward, always advancing.

  6. Leaders Get To Bring People Together – Great leaders are inclusive rather than exclusive. They are constantly inviting and enfolding others in to a greater journey.

So, now can you see the leader in you? 


Ron Malhotra is the founder of The Successful Male and the Editor of The Successful Male Magazine.



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