Can You Perform Magic?

August 31, 2018




An episode of an old television show called “Bewitched” offers a wonderful lesson in the power of belief. As a way of background for those who have not seen the show, Darren Stevens was a mortal who worked in an advertising agency and was married to a witch named Samantha. Samantha had a meddling Mother named Endora who did not like Darren. Darren wants to live a normal life and ‘forbids’ Samantha from using magic.


On this particular episode, Darren is worried about pleasing a big client. Endora offers him a ‘magic amulet’ and assures him that, as long as he has it with him, he will be invincible; he will be able to come up with can’t-lose ideas and the client won’t be able to say no to him. Reluctant at first, worry overcomes him, and he accepts the charm. Armed with the belief that he is invincible, he becomes bolder. This confidence leads him to generating some of the best work of his entire career. He is extra passionate and bold in presenting his work. The client is dazzled and enthusiastically says yes.


Later in the episode, Darren is feeling guilty and confesses to Samantha that he used ‘magic’ to win over this client. He tells her that it was only because of the charm that he had done such stellar work and won the business. Samantha doesn’t believe that he is actually ‘charmed’. He proposes to prove that he is ‘invincible’ by climbing up on something to jump off and not get hurt. At the moment he is about to jump, Endora steps in and stops him. She admits that he isn’t charmed at all. He pulls out the ‘magic amulet’ that she had given him and says, “Well, how do you explain this?” She smugly takes it from him and goes over to screw it back on to the top of a table lamp in the living room. His ‘magic charm’ was nothing more than a lamp finial. He thinks about what would have happened if he had jumped and, naturally, collapses in a high-comedy moment.


What’s the lesson to be learned from this? Granted, this is a hokey story from a fictional television show, but it does reflect a couple of realities. First, virtually all of us are much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Second, there is nothing more powerful for human achievement than belief.  As Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.”


Work on increasing your belief level. It is critical to you achieving at your highest capacity.


Here is a great way to help boost your belief level. Each morning as you are pouring your first cup of coffee, imagine what your life would be like if the coffee was actually a ‘magic elixir’ that would allow you to perform at a level that was greater than you ever had before. It would give you a higher capacity for communicating your ideas. It would add to your enthusiasm and give you the power to be more persuasive. If you had that magic elixir, how great would you be? Vividly imagine how your day would go if that coffee was a secret ‘magic elixir’. Then, go act-as-if it was for the rest of the day. Practice this exercise on a consistent basis and you will begin to get magical results in your life.


Bob Sager is the Founder of SpearPoint Solutions and author of Discovering Your Greatness: A Higher Level Thinking and Action Guide.

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