When Do You Press The Pause Button?

September 20, 2018


There was a moment when I was on top of a mountain in New Zealand, I looked down at myself, and I was 20kg overweight.


I wondered "How did I get like this? How could I let myself get this overweight?"


The reality was that I was drinking wine at night to relax, unwind and to numb the stress of the day; drinking coffee in the mornings to wake up then cans of coke to get me through the day.


I was overweight, disconnected and out of balance. Headed for another train wreck in my life.


I wasn’t riding, swimming or getting out into the mountains as I had been.


I had been chasing what I thought was "success" (at the time). My role as an area manager was high pressure, I was studying post-grad at nights and weekends.  My phone rang all day and into the night. I was traveling around the country. I took my phone on holidays. I was busy.


When I pressed pause on my busy life and got out into nature, I realised how disconnected I had become from myself and my family.


It happens though doesn't it? We get so busy building a life for ourselves that we forget or fail to find out what is truly important to us. Life gets in the way.


The truth is the things in life that are important to us bring fulfillment, joy and sustainability to the success we have.


Throughout my life I had always had a significant life crisis before I stopped and looked at my life. Car accidents, broken bones, homelessness  and failed relationships were lesson’s the universe had thrown at me before I got the message.


It was happening all around me, people I knew were having significant life crises before they stopped and remembered what mattered in their life. They had forgotten what had meaning to them. They had become disconnected, not present with their loved ones, overweight, unfit, caught up in the needs and drama of others and not as happy as they deserved to be.


They had forgotten their hopes and dreams. They had misplaced the greatness inside them.


This is why I started The Phoenix Experience, to be the pause button, to recreate those conditions for change. To take busy people on life-changing experiences out in nature, out in the mountains, out of their comfort zones.


Change creates discomfort, and that's why most change happens in a state of pain and suffering. It can also occur in a state of joy, happiness, and inspiration.


When we get out in nature and up a mountain, it can help break the egos stranglehold on us allowing the change to occur.


So why change when everything is ok?


I get that some of you who are reading this are absolutely crushing it thinking "I don't need to change." That's awesome, rock on. I can't help but think what the next level looks like for you. How can you make a conscious decision to be a more effective leader, a more loving partner, a more engaged parent, get fitter, stronger, more mindful, leave a legacy, make an impact?


No matter where you are in life there is another level.


Real success is not a goal, its a state of being. The person we become as a result of our self-development that matters.


To do this, we must press pause on our busy lives. Remember what is essential in life,  reflect on who we are being and who we are deciding to become.


Don't let a life event shake you into action. As a Successful Male, you must continually improve all areas of your life, and inspire others in the community to go beyond their potential.  


Daniel Burgess is the founder of The Phoenix Experience.

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