Why Men Should Not Be Afraid Of Embracing Style

October 15, 2018



I am pleased to say, that men have come a long way when it comes to taking pride in their appearance.


However, some are still revelling in that ‘macho’ grandiosity of yesteryear – where having clean shoes meant you were somehow un-cool, wearing a tailored suit meant you had too much money, and of coarse the ultimate cardinal sin; wearing pink, which somehow eludes to the notion that you must be feminine (as if that's a bad thing).


I seriously have to wonder about these supposedly ‘manly’ men. Are they really as ‘manly’ as they so desperately try to convey? Or, as I rather suspect, are they lacking in the comfortableness of their own skin? A low self-worth?


From a woman’s perspective, let me tell you, there is nothing more appealing than a man who takes pride in his appearance! It clearly says, that you are a ‘high-quality’ man. You value yourself, and that in turn attracts others to value you too.


When you appear confident it sends a strong message ‘I’ve got this, I can handle whatever you need’. Lets face it, others trusting in you, is an integral component in success of any kind: business, interpersonally, and romantically.


People instinctively put faith in those who are confident and secure within their personal-worth. When I see a man in pink, I don’t for a second think “Oh, now there is a weak man” or “Gee, he’s wearing pink, he must be gay”. No, it’s quite the opposite, in fact: I instantly think “Wow, now there is a guy who is confident – secure within himself”.


I understand these stereotypes and stigmas have been ingrained in some men, whether through their culture or social setting, but in the modern world of 2018, it is time to leave the beating of one’s chest behind. It served men well in past eras, where primal instinct of hunting for survival was a necessary strength for success.


However, to survive the lions of todays world, a new sophistication is required. Physical strength will no longer take you to the heights of a modern mans desire: personal and professional success.


A new mindset is imperative, and that starts from within. A ‘high-quality’ man knows and understands, that if you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good that confidence radiates into your outer world; a magnetising force, that has the strength to pull near whatever is required to achieve, that sometimes elusive prize. Whatever that is for you (success comes in many forms) don’t devalue yourself by not putting your best foot forward.


Forget the stereotypes, the stigma – the judgement. Other people’s opinions will never make you happy, being true to yourself is the only way. And before you protest that lacking effort in your style is the real you, let me say this: looking like a dishevelled grot is not being true to yourself, it shows a lack of respect towards something that should always be held in high esteem – YOU. Your self-worth should always be valued and treated with the highest regard; if you don’t, who else will?


So, remember the next time that ‘macho’ grandiosity rears its ugly head:


‘You are a ‘High-Quality’ man, who deserves nothing less, than a ‘High-Quality’ life.’


And, that my friends, is what I call ‘true manhood’.


Stacey Sellars is an aspiring Author and freelancer.

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