The Secret To Focusing At Higher Levels

October 20, 2018


A key quality one must have to achieve success, is the ability to focus.


This has become increasingly difficult as our brains are now conditioned to respond to constant stimulus. like beeping phones. Even if we were not being bombarded with perpetual notifications and advertisements, the untrained human mind is chaotic.


The most successful people throughout history have not always been the smartest or highly skilled, but they did all have one commonality – a well-trained mind. So, what are the best ways to train the mind?


Take a look at this definition – Yoga is to direct the mind to an object of choice without interruption. The fact is that the word Yoga has become extremely polluted with incorrect definitions. Most people think Yoga is exercise, some kind of a lifestyle to follow, a religion, or a way to turn off the mind, but all of these definitions are incorrect.


To be in a state of Yoga is to be so intensely focused, that nothing but the object of focus exists! The implications of this skill, once developed, are massive for people in the business world.


Many men won’t give Yoga a shot, because they fear being forced to put their bodies into uncomfortable postures. Yoga is never meant to cause pain. An inflexible man should not be doing Yoga postures that require lots of flexibility. Any good teacher will understand that the Yoga is adapted to the individual, not the other way around.


So how does putting the body into various postures cause the mind to focus? The body movement facilitates the breath movement. Yoga practice is breath technology designed to create mind optimization.


For example, while exhaling and folding the body in half, the abdomen is compressed, which forces the expulsion of air from the lungs. Similarly, while inhaling and lifting the arms over the head, the chest expands and allows air to rush into the lungs more easily.


It’s interesting that when we get tired we use the expression, “out of breath”. The Yogi is rarely out of breath, because he has trained his breathing mechanism to work exceptionally well. The brain requires oxygen to function, and when the brain is getting above average oxygen levels, it naturally functions better. Over time, even while asleep, the Yogi is receiving higher levels of breath nourishment, because the breath has been normalized to its optimal pattern.


Our breathing patterns are also linked to our emotional state. Observe the breath when upset and see that the breath becomes shallow. In states of joy, the breath is deep and smooth. The breath affects the emotions and the emotions affect the breath. It is literally impossible to be in a state of stress when the breath is long and smooth.


By training the body to breathe correctly as a default, the Yogi becomes resistant to stress. This is important, because only a relaxed mind can focus. The ability to focus at higher levels will arise as a result of consistent Yoga practice.


The good news is, that even 10 minutes of daily Yoga practice has massive benefits. It’s also important to know that Yoga is in its own category, and is not necessarily a replacement for other forms of exercise. Above all, to apply this correctly, the student must have a teacher who can prescribe the correct Yoga practice for them, based on the students age, body type, health, lifestyle and state of mind.


John Miller is a private online Yoga teacher and founder of the online mens group 'Real Man Circle'.  For more, visit

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