What Is Really Killing Our Abilities?

November 13, 2018


How many of you have noticed that:


  1. Shopping centers are full and personal development events are empty?

  2. Mainstream TV promotes drama, greed and temptation, not values of commitment, discipline and hard work?

  3. It is easier to get your friends together to watch a sports match or concert, compared to getting them to work together on an initiative that makes a difference?

  4. Food courts are always packed, while gyms are never at capacity?

  5. More people buy lottery tickets than start businesses?

  6. Cat videos on social media get millions more hits than educational videos?

We may shrug the above as harmless human tendencies.....but they are having a deeper impact than we realize.


Depression, anxiety, suicide, obesity, bankruptcy, business failures statistics are all on the rise. And rapidly...Our lack of discipline is destroying our health, our families and our financial future. It is destroying our confidence.


The more we seek shortcuts, instant gratification & temptations, the more we destroy our ability to act with discipline.  It may all seem a bit serious, but it is an important topic that needs to be talked about.


In my work as an advisor / consultant / trainer / mentor, my primary job is to assist, guide and enable people. The single biggest issue I encounter with nearly every individual is - LACK OF SELF- DISCIPLINE. Procrastination, in addition to distractions, laziness and seeking instant gratification, are the first signs of lacking discipline. Lack of discipline is killing our abilities at work and in life. If there is one skill that will change your life more than any other skill, it is DISCIPLINE. It is the quality of achievers, champions and winners. The most successful people in life exert discipline on a daily basis. Discipline brings stability and structure into a person's life. Discipline is the bridge between dreams and accomplishments. Discipline is the best way out of a life of struggle and mediocrity. It teaches a person to develop character and responsibility. Without discipline, the world around us would be chaos.


So, why is it that despite all the benefits of self-discipline, most people don’t develop it? Because they falsely assume that discipline is painful. What many don’t understand is that developing discipline is only difficult in the short term. But once you develop it, your life become easy. 


In life, there are two types of pain. The pain of discipline, which only lasts a short term. Or, the pain of regret, which lasts an entire lifetime.


Pick the former. Or you will guarantee yourself a life of pain, struggle & mediocrity.

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