Do Men Need To Rediscover Their Power?

December 11, 2018


Our male character has suffered severe damage in recent times. Society is focusing in on the behaviours of certain individuals and exposing them for the damage they are doing to humanity.


In a time when our gender is trying to redefine who we are and what it means to be a man, we are finding that our innate traits and characteristics are coming under attack and being labelled as toxic; our masculinity, our physical strength, our leadership styles; and this is a big problem for us.


It would be perilous for us to think that our innate traits are something we can ignore the existence of, or outcast and replaced with some other trait. They are organic to our gender and form the very foundation of how we think and feel. They are an important part of our being that requires serious consideration for developing ourselves toward the future.


What are our innate powers? Masculinity, physical strength, leadership, courage, intelligence, wisdom; Yes, all of these! But men also possess a natural ability to exercise self-control when endowed with their powers. We have an inherent capacity to be calm and composed with the responsibility of their ownership, it is called strength of character. It is born from millennia of being protectors and providers and is the reason we make natural leaders. It appears, some of our gender have lost sight of this quality, allowing their personal weaknesses to excuse them from this responsibility.


When harnessed and controlled, our strength of character has always been recognized as the definition of what it means to be a man.


It worries me that we sit at a cross road of making decisions about the direction of our gender when the character of masculinity is being vocalized as unworthy and unnecessary. The concern is, we could allow this type of thinking to influence our choice of direction, a direction that does not align with who we truly are, and if that happens, we will be vulnerable to suffering increased cases of mental and emotional health issues.


I feel our greatest potential for developing ourselves lays in rediscovering the character strength of self-control. In our modern world, where most people are entitled to some form of power, there is a real need to teach people about the responsibilities of power, and self-control in the exercise of it.


Given the current climate, it may not seem rational to suggest it, but I feel that we as men have much to teach about responsibility and self-control because of our intimate relationship with power. Our gender has developed through hundreds of thousands of years of being responsible for exercising our powers and we have been through the growing pains of developing power to its modern form. We have found how easily it can corrupt weak characters, and women are no less susceptible to the corruption of ego than men are, when power is on offer; only the behaviours are different.  


Masculinity may no longer be the prime mover of humanity, but it’s still an important ingredient for creating an equal, fair and balanced society. It possesses traits of restraint and control in the duty of power that needs to be taught to humanity as a whole.

We just need to rediscover it ourselves!


Tamati Curtis is the director of Leadership and Business development at Curtis Part Group, helping men to reach their fullest potential is one of the driving forces behind his life’s purpose.   

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