Is All Loyalty The Same?

December 13, 2018


Loyalty is described as the characteristic of being faithful to one’s obligations.


I’m sure if I question people on their loyalty quotient, most would describe themselves as being more loyal than not.  But here is the thing.  There is a difference between having our loyalty defined by opportunity, versus having our loyalty defined by values.


When our loyalty is defined by opportunity, we are mainly driven by self-interest.  When our loyalty is defined by values, we are mainly driven by congruency. 


If you are a Team Leader, Manager or employer, you may have people’s loyalty because their salaries depend on you and due to the opportunity, they are loyal to you.


The problem with this type of loyalty is that when the team member perceives a greater opportunity elsewhere, their loyalty may shift with that too.  Loyalty derived from opportunity can be short-term.  Long-term loyalty can only be derived from values alignment.  When there is congruency between values of the company and the individuals, the loyalty produced is more reliable and lasting.


All loyalty is not the same.  Understanding this can be the difference between attracting people whose loyalty is extrinsically motivated, versus people whose loyalty is intrinsically motivated.


Ron Malhotra is the Editor In Chief of The Successful Male Magazine. 

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