When Should You Take Feedback On Board?

December 24, 2018


Should you always take others feedback on board?


Common wisdom teaches us that if someone provides “constructive criticism”, we should take it on board. There is an implied notion that all feedback will serve us well if it comes with the banner of “constructive”.  That is NOT entirely true.


I consider all feedback, however taking feedback fully on board is something I do very carefully.  Before I take feedback on board, I apply the following 3 filters:


  1. Who is giving the feedback? Is it coming from someone who has wide perspectives, relevant experience and the results I desire in my life?

  2. If I follow the advice from the person, can I still remain true to my values, goals and strengths that have served me well in my life and allowed me to operate from a place of authenticity?

  3. Is this feedback something I have received before from other people too?


If the feedback meets all three criteria above, I take it on board and make behavioral adjustments. If the feedback meets two out of three criteria above, I still consider it seriously. If the feedback meets only one or none of the criteria above, I reject it.


A person’s feedback may be well-intentioned, but if it doesn’t pass the above filters, I am not interested.


Ron Malhotra is the Editor In Chief of The Successful Male Magazine.

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