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As a Hairdresser, a good, or bad head of hair is one of the first things I notice about someone – it is a statement within itself.

Gone are the days where a buzz cut will suffice. The modern man – thankfully, takes much more pride in how their locks are presented. Barbering has made a huge comeback within the last five years, and men are surprisingly embracing an experience that women have relished in for decades.

Skin fades and quiffs have resurfaced, in a big way, and whilst I personally love this style, it is important to remember: just because a style is in fashion, doesn’t mean it suits everyone. Personality, personal style, job, head shape, and lifestyle all play a part in what hairstyle suits the individual.

If you work in a conservative, corporate job, then a messy ‘man bun’ is most likely inappropriate: you would want a style that is more sleek – neat and tidy. If you are say a tradesperson, then your options are far more varied and open to something a little more adventurous – some hair tattooing perhaps?

It’s also important, when choosing a style, to consider how much effort and maintenance is required, and if you are willing to put in that effort. Some styles involve a trip to the Hairdresser every three to four weeks: do you have the time and money for that?

Other styles, such as blow waving, or straightening, involve longer preparation time before product application – if you have a busy lifestyle, and find yourself time-poor, then such styles probably aren’t suitable.

Haircare and product selection is something else to consider. A good shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference to the overall appearance of your hair. I do not recommend any supermarket products, as they usually contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS): a toxic chemical that has been linked to causing cancer, skin irritation, and more. It also leaves your hair feeling dry, and unhealthy. Supermarket products also have a high, and unhealthy amount of Dimethicone (also known as silicone), which creates an un-natural shine that builds up on the hair follicles, causing brittle hair – on fine textured hair it causes severe breakage after prolonged use. A build-up of Dimethicone, also creates adverse chemical reactions when hair colour is applied to the hair: within minutes of applying bleach, the temperature rises to such a high heat, the hair literally disintegrates in to smoke. These (supermarket) products are a Hairdresser’s worst nightmare, and in the long run, are for the consumer as well. The term ‘cheap and nasty’ definitely applies when it comes to these products.

I only recommend professionally sold products, and I always make sure the products I buy are paraben and sulphate free. And, yes, men should use a conditioner as well: shampoo opens the hair follicles and conditioner closes them.

When it comes to styling products – again, pick a professional brand. The type will come down to the texture and thickness of your hair, and of course, your desired outcome.

My all around go-to product is a pomade – it’s in between a wax and a gel. You can put it in the hair whilst wet, dry, or both – depending on the level of hold you require. I would say the pomade has a medium to strong hold, it is easy to use; to manipulate the hair into style, and it adds a slight shine, without looking too greasy.

If you are starting to lose your hair, there are a few things you can try (if you get on to it early enough), to prevent, or at least slow down the hair loss process. Get yourself a good multi vitamin: vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iron, and zinc are all good in promoting hair growth, so a good multi-vitamin with these combinations are a great supplement.

Drinking bone broth on a daily basis is another thing you can do. The broth contains collagen, which also promotes hair growth stimulation. Finally, get yourself a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that are designed to promote hair growth (professionally recommended ones, of course!).

There are also products such as ‘Caboki’ - which is a spray on fibrous product that is designed to cover bald patches on a semi-permanent basis. It comes in a variety of different colours, and lasts all day/night, is sweat and water resistant, and is a wonderful alternative for the hair conscious man.

If all of that isn’t for you, then perhaps it’s time to get the razor out, and embrace the bald-headed man…

Whatever style you choose – pick something that works for you.

‘A comfortable man, is a confident man!’

Stacey Sellars is a regular contributor to The Successful Male Magazine.

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