Do You Put Your Best Shoe Forward?


Many focus on choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion, but let themselves down on finding the perfect shoes and accessories to match. It doesn’t matter how great the outfit is – if the shoes and accessories don’t match, the whole look of the outfit is ruined.


When deciding on accessories, one must consider various different things. The colour of your outfit, will determine what colour shoes you can wear.


If you have a navy blue suit, then black shoes and accessories is an absolute no, no. It is never acceptable to pair navy blue with black! Wearing green with navy blue should also be avoided.


Tan, beige, or brown is always a nice choice with navy, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, red is a great way to jazz up the darkness of navy blue.


Try to always match the colour of your shoes with your belt – it gives a much smarter look!


If you have a black outfit, then your colour options for accessories are more varied – basically anything goes. However, try to avoid wearing a white belt and shoes, it looks tacky, and is somewhat reminiscent of a cartoon character. 


Ties are another accessory that needs careful consideration. They should match or at least fall into a similar tone as your outfit or shoes and belt. If you are wearing a decorative handkerchief in your pocket, try to match it with the colour or tone of your tie. There should never be more than three different colours within an overall outfit. 


A hat can also be a great accessory, but again, it should match within your outfits colour scheme. 


Jewellery is another accessory to consider. Generally, silver and gold will go with anything; however, the style of jewellery is something to watch for. Casual jewellery is not going to look very good with say a tuxedo, and dressy jewellery would look ‘too much’ with a casual outfit. Some men wear black jewellery, which is a great alternative to silver and gold; just be careful it doesn’t clash with the colour of your outfit. 


Sunglasses have also become a favoured accessory. Here you must make sure that the style of sunglasses, suit the style of your outfit. Oakley’s ‘surfie’ range of sunglasses would look pretty silly with a conservative outfit; where as a pair of aviators is far more versatile in blending well with a variety of outfits.


It is important to remember that accessories are meant to enhance your outfit, it’s a way of of elevating your look to a place of completeness.


If you’re outfit is fairly plain, then your accessories should bring a ‘wow’ factor to the overall look. On the flipside, if your outfit makes a strong statement, such as bold colours or patterns, then your accessories should be fairly plain and inconspicuous. Pick one way or the other. The outfit and accessories should never compete against each other!


And finally, the most important accessory to complete any outfit:  remember to wear your confidence on your chest, and a smile on your face. That is truly where the magic lies!   





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