What Money Mindset Do You Have?

May 2, 2019


Many a time, I’ve heard people talk about what they would do if they won the lottery, or came into some money. And, many a time, I’ve heard those same people say “I’m not greedy though, I wouldn’t want all of the winnings – I’d be happy with a million dollars”.


I always think to myself “a million dollars, are you kidding?” You can’t do much with a million dollars! These days, a million dollars buys you a nice house in a good suburb, some furniture, and a new car – if you’re lucky!


Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a million dollars (who would?), it would definitely mean being ‘debt free’. However, there are three things I struggle with in this scenario: 1. Why wouldn’t you want more for yourself than just being ‘debt free’? 2. Why wouldn’t you want enough money to help others as well? And, 3. Why would any of that make you a greedy person? 


People seem to think there is a ceiling on how much money circulates throughout the World. They have (in my opinion) a distorted notion, that if they have more, someone else has to have less. It doesn’t quite work that way! Money is infinite, like our minds – it goes as far as we believe it can go. 


Anyone from a lower socioeconomic status can obtain riches, if they have the right mindset, and drive to get out there and ‘have a go’. No one is going to say to them “sorry buddy, I’m not going to pay you for your product or service, we have reached the World’s quota for successful people this year. You’ll have to provide your services for free, so that we don’t take away success from others”. I mean seriously, how ridiculous does that sound?


The World is full of abundance, the only thing lacking, is whether you are open to it or not. As Napoleon Hill said “what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”. 


When I hear people talking about a one hundred million dollar lottery win being ‘too much’, I say to them “no, it’s not enough for me, my goal is four billion dollars”. “Four billion”, I hear them screech, with a disapproving look on their face. “What on earth would you want four billion dollars for?”


Well, there’s a few reasons really: firstly, yes, I’m one of those horrible people that actually admits to liking the finer material things in life. The mansions, the flash cars, the yacht, the private jet, and a closet that would rival any celebrity – yep, I want it all. And, I’m not sorry for wanting the very best for myself, I believe I deserve the best (we all should).


However, before you write me off as a pretentious brat with no depth, let me say this: putting the material things aside, what I want the most, is to help people. I want to help my family, and friends—and extending further than my own proximity, I want to help the unfortunate.


I have big dreams, and charitable ideas: helping the homeless, the elderly, who are barely surviving on a pension, and I’d like to help this drug and alcohol addiction crises that has swept, not only the Nation, but most of the World. And, all of that takes BIG money!


Yes, these are very big dreams, and who knows whether I’ll acquire the riches to achieve all of that or not – but the point is, I BELIEVE I can. If no one ever ‘believed’, then no one would ever ‘achieve’. Where would the unfortunate be then?? Having money, doesn’t make you a bad or greedy person, it’s what you choose to do with it (or not) that does. 


I want the best for myself, my loved ones, and those who don’t know how to help themselves, and I will never apologise, or feel guilty for wanting that! Money, whether you like it or not, is what makes the World go around.  


Stacey Sellars is a regular contributor to The Successful Male Magazine.

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