Do Your Clothes Express Your Personality?

May 29, 2019


Your clothes should always be an outward expression of your personality, after all, it is what people will first judge you on.


What do your clothes say about you? Do you follow trends, or set them? Do you come across as flamboyant, or average? Confident, or shy? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when creating your own style.


You’ll often see someone wearing ‘what’s in fashion’, and you can’t help but think that something is not quite right. It’s not that the clothes aren’t nice, it’s more that they don’t fit the man’s personality. For example: if you are a highly conservative person, then wearing chinos with a low V-neck top, is going to completely contradict who you are as a person. It would most likely, at a deeper level, make you feel uncomfortable; and you can be assured that if you’re feeling uncomfortable, so too, are the people around you.


When dressing it’s important to remember: dressing true to your personality creates an air of confidence. If you have a vivacious personality, then you don’t want to dim that light by wearing something dull.


Setting your own trends, is always better than following someone else’s, you have to be true to yourself! Rarely should you buy clothes that are ‘in fashion’, it says that you are ‘following the herd’ – blending into beige. And beige, definitely equals boring!


Your body shape and size, is also a very important factor to consider when choosing a style – this is another reason why you shouldn’t blindly follow the trends. What looks good on a slim, six-foot tall bloke, probably won’t look so good on a short, fuller-figured man.


You must always pick clothes that are flattering to your body shape and size. If this is something you struggle with, then ask a friend who is good with fashion to come shopping with you. It’s recommend to have a female with you (if you can). They tend to have a keen eye for what looks good on a man, and they are pretty quick to tell you if something looks unflattering. 


When it comes to picking a style, you should also consider asking yourself some lifestyle questions: are you running around a lot, getting hot and sweaty? Do you spend most of the day sitting at a desk? 


How you spend your day, largely contributes to the types of clothes that should hang in your wardrobe. If you carry boxes all day at work, then tight-fitted good clothes are not really suitable are they? For this reason, it is important to have a style that covers several different dress codes. Formal, business, casual, and work. Each category requires a totally different look, and you want each look to suit your personality.


Choosing the right colours also plays a role in matching your personality. What colours suit your complexion? Do you like to blend in with earthy tones? Or, do you like to stand out with fiery bold colours? 


If all of these choices seem too much for you, then pick clothing that falls into the ‘classic’ range. You cannot go wrong with classic jeans or black pants, with a white shirt or T-shirt. The classic range is a great all-rounder that really suits any personality.


For those who dare to be a little more adventurous, remember to be ‘true’ to your personality. 


“Nothing looks better, than a man who proudly wears himself on his sleeve.”  


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