Are Your Finances Drowning You?

June 25, 2019


Most have been in a bad money situation at some point in their lives. Living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque is a struggle. In worse situations though, the very thought of a regular pay-cheque seems like nothing more than a distant dream…  


In these situation’s everything seems to go wrong. You’re struggling to get regular income – as if that isn’t hard enough: now the house insurance bill has arrived, your roof is leaking and the fridge has decided to die. It’s as if the fridge has gone out in sympathy for how you feel on the inside – dead! 


You’re not living, hell, you’re barely surviving. It feels like everything is falling on top of you, and rather than be proactive, you crawl into a hole and hide from the big, bad world.


Hiding feels good for awhile, that is until more financial misfortunes start to fall – they say things come in threes, but you’re now up to that three times over. Perhaps, it is a sign from the Universe to wake up and get moving. You start to think “maybe this will keep happening until I realise hiding is just not working” – hoping, praying, waiting for something to change, is not the answer.


It is at this moment when you’ve hit a dead end and have nowhere else to hide, that you are finally forced to take action. They often say “you must first hit the bottom, before you have the will to reach the top”.


It is only in this dark place that you start to appreciate the simple things, and start to get a sense of what financial freedom really means. Whilst others are meaninglessly buying a new car or house, you’re savouring at the thought of how good it will feel when you’re in a position to buy what food you want at the grocery store. And, there is actually something quite humbling in that very simplistic desire.


So, now that you do have the desire to get out of this dark hole, where to from here? Well, it’s very simple – by putting one foot in front of the other. Once you have the desire to find work, the ‘will’ soon takes you to where you need to go.


Finding work really is easy, it’s having the desire to rise up to do so that’s the hard part. Perhaps that’s why the Universe feels the need to ‘step’ in, and literally bury you under a pile of bills – it’s the suffocating that sparks the desire to climb free.


Once you have attained regular income, the airways become clear, and your focus even sharper. You know it’s not an easy journey out of the financial cess pit, but at least you now have a way out.


At this point it’s important not to look too far ahead. Just take it one pay-cheque at a time. You do not need to focus on the entirety of the situation, just focus and prioritise the most urgent bills as they come in; whilst doing that, allocate the minimum amount you can spare, and put it towards something that can be a nice reward for yourself. Even if it’s just two dollars a week, just religiously set that aside for yourself – you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. It’s important in these dark times to give yourself something to look forward to, plus, it get’s you into the habit of saving at the same time.


Everyone knows that money makes the world-go-around, you cannot do much without it, but, it is not the epitome of happiness. If you’re unhappy before you have money, chances are you’ll still be unhappy when you have money. Money isn’t a solution it simply magnifies what is already there. 


So, find a way to be happy within, when you do this, it doesn’t matter what hit’s you on the outside – life really is created from the inside out, not the other way around!    



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