The Successful Male Announces July Man Of The Month - Marcus Aurelius: The Man Forged Out Of The Fire Of Experience

July 30, 2019


Welcome to The Successful Male ‘Man Of The Month’ July feature.


It is here where we proudly feature exceptional men, who are making an extraordinary contribution to the betterment of human society, whether locally, nationally or on a global scale.


‘Man Of The Month’, is a place to recognise, emphasise and celebrate such great men, and the positive impact they have on the lives of others.



The ‘Man Of The Month’ should meet the following criteria:


  • He should be following his passion and living his life’s purpose

  • He should be striving to maximise his potential, personally and professionally

  • He should be making a difference using his skills and talents


We are proud to announce Marcus Aurelius Anderson for July Man of the Month – a very worthy ‘Man Of The Month’.


You only need to speak to Marcus once to be in awe of his achievements. Marcus is a man who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He overcame adversity not many of us could even comprehend and today he shares his wisdom, story and lessons learned with the world.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Marcus on The Successful Male Podcast last year and his depth, passion for life, compassion, authenticity and character shone through like a guiding light. Just in case you missed it here’s the link pod cast link >>>


Marcus is one of those men who you don’t forget easily, as his passion for life and making a difference is infectious.


Here at ‘The Successful Male’, we commend Marcus Aurelius Anderson for his continuous efforts to make an impact of this world of ours. I asked Marcus recently to share a few more insights into his life and the lessons he has learned on his journey. I hope his story inspires you as it has done so for me.


- Ron Malhotra




1.  Tell us a bit about your background.


I’m a TEDx and International Keynote speaker, best-selling author, Master Leadership Mindset Coach to CEO’s, Executives and Entrepreneurs and host of the #1 New and Noteworthy “Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever” Podcast. I’m also a proud U.S. Army veteran and lifelong martial artist.



2.  What was your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome it?


My biggest challenge was suffering an injury that left me paralyzed from the neck down, while preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army. During that surgery, I flatlined twice on the table. I went through months of anger, regret, and suicidal depression. Eventually I was able to overcome this by seeing my adversity as a gift, instead of a curse, which led me to unconditional gratitude and exponentially increased empathy. These were the cornerstones that began a miraculous recovery.


3.  How did you get started on this journey? 


After my recovery I fell into coaching and speaking quite by accident. From there, the audience I served wanted me to write a book. In the midst of writing that book I was offered a TEDx Talk. All of those experiences have led me to coaching and training high level CEO’s, executives and their companies. Through this work and self-improvement, they are now equipped to be better leaders, parents and spouses. They’re also much happier and more deeply fulfilled.



4.  How did you discover your life’s purpose?


Through The Martial Arts, I learned that I’ve always had the heart of a teacher. However, it took 40 years of life, brutal soul searching, and adversity to help me see how I was uniquely qualified to teach Pragmatic Wisdom to Executives, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs today.


5.  How do you maximize your potential?


I maximize my potential by enduring micro adversities and radical self-introspection daily. This hard-earned self-knowledge greatly increases the positive impact I make on everyone that I speak to, teach, and interact with.


6.  What difference do you want to make and why?


I empower others to find the opportunity in their adversity and grow stronger from it. This in turn makes them better humans and leaders, helping them actualize their personal definition of success in every area of life.


I want to empower others because I never want someone else to ever feel as lost and hopelessly helpless as I did when I was injured. I never want them to feel alone in that horrible emotion, like there’s no way out from their hardship and sorrow. My goal is to help others discover their own strength and resilience and equip them with the tools and skills to empower them to grow through whatever hardship life might throw at them.



7.  If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?


My advice to my younger self would be: Stop seeking validation.

You’ll never get permission, recognition, or congratulations until you no longer need it. Work as hard as you can now, using the knowledge you currently possess. The “validation” will happen incidentally after the fact and by then you won’t even need it.


8.  What’s the best way people can connect with you?


They can follow me on LinkedIn and go to my website




Learn more about Marcus and his journey on The Successful Male Podcast episode (


Do you know the next Man of the Month?

If you feel you know a man who is:


  • Following his passion and living his life’s purpose

  • Is striving to maximise his potential, personally and professionally

  • Is making a difference using his skills and talents


E-mail us at with the Subject – The Next Man Of The Month.

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