The Successful Male Announces August Man Of The Month - Daniel Burgess: Ordinary Men Doing The Extraordinary

August 30, 2019


It is here where we proudly feature exceptional men, who are making an extraordinary contribution to the betterment of human society, whether locally, nationally or on a global scale.


‘Man Of The Month’, is a place to recognise, emphasise and celebrate such good men, and the positive impact they have on the lives of others.



The ‘Man Of The Month’ should meet the following criteria:

  • He should be following his passion and living his life’s purpose

  • He should be striving to maximise his potential, personally and professionally

  • He should be making a difference using his skills and talents



We are proud to announce Daniel Burgess for August Man Of The Month – a very worthy ‘Man Of The Month’.


For the whole time I have personally known Daniel, he has consistently pushed himself and grown professionally, emotionally and personally. Very few people commit and even fewer deliver. Daniel does both. 


The great thing about Daniel is that he levels up, and helps others level up also. He is humble but strong. Kind but ambitious. Driven but caring. A great blend of heart and mind. A great example and role model for men.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel on The Successful Male Podcast. His passion for creating a hiking experience for people, to disconnect them from their current patterns of thinking, is awe inspiring. I was privileged enough to be part of this experience myself.


Daniel is one of those men you don’t want to underestimate.

I recently interviewed Daniel and asked him to share some of the key insights of his journey with our Successful Male Community.


I hope you enjoy my interview with Daniel.


- Ron Malhotra





Man Of The Month Daniel Burgess



1. Tell us a bit about your background.


I take busy leaders and teams on life-changing experiences into the mountains; I am a speaker, coach and trainer. I have been very fortunate to help leaders completely transform their lives, their relationships with their family, to connect more with their kids and their teams. I am a Dad of two boys, and I have a beautiful wife who puts up with my crazy ideas.



2. How did you get started on this journey?


I was in a corporate job, exchanging time for money and I went on holidays to North Queensland, and I was sitting on top of a waterfall overlooking the valley, and I had the idea that I wanted to take busy professionals on life-changing experiences in the mountains. I wanted this to happen before a life event forced them to look at their lives, like a marriage breakdown, depression or health scare. That led me to speaking, facilitating and coaching. I had always been into personal development and growth, but this is an entirely new level.



3. How did you discover your life’s purpose?


I genuinely believe we don’t find our life’s purpose, or stumble on it somehow. It’s inside us, like a flicker. We try and suppress it because chasing our dreams can be painful and take sacrifice and judgement from our tribe. However, it never goes away, and we have to fuel that flicker and turn it into a flame and push through the fear and the pain to ensure that the flame turns into a raging fire.



4. How do you maximise your potential?


I am continually growing and putting myself in uncomfortable situations. I follow a morning routine (thanks to Ron Malhotra) each weekday to set my mind and body for success. I avoid news and commercial radio. My time is spent learning and finding new ways to serve my clients. I spend time reflecting on who I have been each day from a place of non-judgement. I have a strong inner circle that pushes me and stretches my frame of reference, and that helps my world expand.



5. What difference do you want to make and why?


I want to inspire people that have the burning question inside them “Is there more”. We are not all living even close to our full potential and no matter where you are on the journey, you are only one decision away from new life, a new body, a deeper connection with loved ones and a new career. Don’t wait for a severe life event to shake you into action; make a decision today.



6. What was your biggest challenge in life, and how did you overcome it?


I have had a few substantial life-changing moments where the universe has reached up and given me a whack. When I was younger, I had a horrible car accident that left me paralysed and homeless. I fought my way back into the light and slowly rebuilt my life. Then I got my payout from my accident five years later, and then I proceeded to spend every last cent snowboarding, riding, skydiving and jet skis leaving me broke again and having to rebuild my life back from nothing.



7. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?


GET A MENTOR. That’s it, that is the secret to life. Surround yourself with people that can lift you, that believe in you and can teach you influence, life skills, character, finance and relationships.



8. What’s the best way people can connect with you?



Face Book:


Learn more about Daniel and his journey on The Successful Male Podcast episode







Do you know the next Man of the Month?


If you feel you know a man who is:


  • Following his passion and living his life’s purpose

  • Striving to maximise his potential, personally and professionally

  • Making a difference using his skills and talents


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