The Successful Male Announces December Man Of The Month - Dev Gadhvi: Passionpreneur Mentor

December 30, 2019



As the year comes to a close, we at The Successful Male are proud to have featured some exceptional men, who are making an extraordinary contribution to the betterment of human society, whether locally, nationally or on a global scale.


The ‘Man Of The Month’ acknowledges men for

  • following their passion and living their life’s purpose

  • striving to maximise their potential, personally and professionally

  • making a difference using their skills and talents.


We close out the year by acknowledging Dev Gadhvi, a man who is on a mission to help people all over the world find their passion and create a life where they live 6 Sundays a week.


I have had the honour to get to know and work with Dev - he is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I know. He is definitely passionate about his craft, but more importantly, he is passionate about his clients results. He is definitely living his purpose, striving to maximize his potential and making a difference using his talents. Dev is a gentleman and a role model.


I hope you enjoy my interview with Dev.


- Ron Malhotra



Man Of The Month Dev Gadhvi


1. Tell us a bit about your background. 



I was born in a humble family. My father was a truck driver and we grew up in a house that was not in a great neighbourhood, as it was surrounded by drunkards and gamblers who would fight and abuse. I was fortunate to go to an English medium school, thanks to my parents who sold their house, jewellery and borrowed money. I worked in various jobs for 16 years, going from making $50 a month to $5,000 a month. I quit my job and started following my passion. Within 20 months I was able to become India's First Passionpreneur Mentor, 1 Crore Coach, TEDx and JoshTalks Speaker, Best Selling Author, and one of the highly paid Indian Influencers who made $200K (Over Rs. 1 Crore) in just 20 months. 



2. How did you get started on this journey? 


I started on this journey with just one thought in mind. I lost 13 years to mediocrity and I do not want anyone else to lose it. I stumbled upon some great books that made me realise that I was using only 3% of my potential and I wasn't alone. This is when I started sharing my thoughts with the world via social media and I got into my Passionpreneur Journey full time. 




3. How did you discover your life's purpose?


Despite coming from a humble family and knowing the importance of hard work, I lived with a mediocre mindset. I followed some of my mentor's advice and started taking massive action. My life changed within a year. I started feeling great, closed big deals for one of the companies I worked for. I started to enjoy exploiting my true potential. After a few months, I realised there were more than 250 million people living middle-class in India as of 2017. I understood that most of them are living way below their true potential, like I used to. Hence, I decided to inspire and empower 10 million lives to start with and later I upgraded this to 1 billion lives. That is how I found my true purpose!



4. How do you maximise your potential?


One thing I learnt from all my mentors is that we all need to set big goals and a big mission if we really want to maximise our true potential. I started my journey by aiming to inspire and empower 10 million lives, but then upgraded to 1 billion lives. I put myself in the spot where there was no way of going back into my comfort zone and leaving my true potential hidden. I challenged myself by doing bigger and better things than what I did the year before. For instance, I started with my first campaign called Passionpreneur Mentorship and it was a one of a kind mentorship program. After this campaign's success, I collaborated with Ron Malhotra and built the 1 Crore Coach program, which enables people to build their business around coaching and consulting, to make their first multi 6-figure-income. So, I keep pushing my limits to maximise my potential.



5. What difference do you want to make and why?


I really want to help people transform their lives by following their passion and to build their ‘6 Sundays A Week Life’ around it. My why is very clear, I was the one who did not know what to do in life and I was stuck in doing things that I was not passionate about and hence lost 13 years. I do not want anyone to go through it. Today, I love to see my mentees also building their ‘6 Sundays A Week Life’. This makes me feel fulfilled. 



6. What was your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome it?


In April 2018 I had quit my job and planned a workshop in Gurgaon, India. I sponsored 60 people, but only 20 showed up. At the end of this free workshop, no one signed up for my mentorship program. I literally had tears in my eyes, as my life started to flash in front of me and I thought "will this be the end of my Passionpreneur journey”.  “How will I pay all the bills as there is no salary coming in”. I also had 5 upcoming workshops planned in 5 star hotels and was thinking, “what if none of those convert, should I keep my job options open? "


My next 5 workshops were super hits and I made over $50K within 2-months’ time. 

The way I overcame it was by going back to basics and understanding why I was doing what I was doing. What is it that people did not understand and I finally fine-tuned the closing part of my workshop and the rest is now history!



7. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?


Dream Big, Invest in self-development and find a mentor!




8. What is the best way people can connect with you?


I am very active on LinkedIn. People can search me with the name "DevGadhvi10x"

I also suggest people read my first book “80%MIndset 20%Skills”. They will also get my team's contact details in my book!






Are you the next Man of the Month?


If you feel you are a man who is:


  • Following his passion and living his life’s purpose

  • Striving to maximise his potential, personally and professionally

  • Making a difference using his skills and talents.


E-mail us at with the Subject – The Next Man Of The Month.




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