5 Critical Keys For Being A Male Thought Leader

March 1, 2020


When you imagine a male thought leader, who comes to mind? Would it be a man with thousands of followers on a social media platform like LI, the charismatic guy from the upper business echelon, who has made millions of dollars through the sales of (x) product, or a handsome movie star/Hollywood celebrity?


These examples may be the definition of great leadership for most, but many greats then, would be seen as massive failures.

For instance: Noah would not have been considered a good leader because after a hundred years of preaching, there were only eight people on the ark. Henry David Thoreau, an acclaimed author and philosopher, whose literature has inspired thousands, published just two books during his lifetime. Other male thought leaders lost their large followings for many reasons, and revolutionary gentlemen were severely ousted/denied access for their cutting-edge approaches.   


Here is an important leader; who fought vehemently for the truth in his generation, and that made a life changing discovery, which impacts society to this day.   


In 1846, Ignaz Semmelweis was a young aspiring Hungarian doctor, who began his career in Vienna. Having a scientific mind, he was deeply concerned about the fatality rates of women delivering their babies in the hospitals, versus the midwives’ clinics.


After much trial and error, he learned the doctors performing deliveries were also doing autopsies before surgery. Semmelweis surmised the cadaverous parts made people sick and could cause death. When his research confirmed the hypothesis, he immediately enforced standardized hand washing and cleaning of all surgical instruments with soap, chlorine, and water, which decreased deaths considerably. 


Sadly, this physician, who should have been praised/supported, was instead, ostracized because the elitist surgeons did not appreciate his discovery; that they were unknowingly killing their patients. The scholar literally was the inventor for proper hand washing, which is a common practice today, despite the lack of acceptance in his era.   


The main point is there were notable leaders throughout history, who were not recognized at all, or not until after their deaths for the significant contributions they made. Additionally, many got falsely maligned and disdainfully treated for their inventions. Hence, basing your leadership acumen on the acclaim of men, or a popularity poll, may not be the best measurement, as illustrated here.   


With this truth in mind, if you are a budding male thought leader/seasoned scholar, with great ideas to transform the world and have not been recognized yet, be encouraged. For those unsure, read the characteristics of great male leaders, who had these traits in common: 


5 Critical Keys For Being A Male Thought Leader –


  1. Male thought leaders resist passivity. They do not wait for others to give them permission to act, but pursue their callings with fervor, like the gentlemen discussed.

  2. Male thought leaders do what is right, regardless of the adversity. They push past obstacles and continue to take action despite any and all opposition to the contrary.

  3. Male thought leaders are accountable for themselves, others, and to the vision they have promised to execute. These men are not concerned about folks asking about a moral inventory of their actions.

  4. Male thought leaders live expectantly. These guys are clear that regardless of the time it takes, or what they have to endure, their lives have impact, and the contributions they make matter.

  5. Male thought leaders are relentless about pursuing the call upon their lives. The men in this category are not intimidated to tell/write their stories, and will even debate the naysayers, until someone listens, and is convinced about how their discoveries do/will transform life as we know it.


If you are endeavoring to be a male thought leader, or have been questioning your status, reading this article should serve as an encouragement to not base your leadership purely on the acceptance/rejection of man. With this enlarged perspective, it is with hope, you will continue to pursue, write/speak, and possibly debate the things which matter most to you and those, who are/will be influenced by YOU now, and in the not-so-distant future. 

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