Four Critical Reasons A Man Needs Passion To Resuscitate His Dreams

March 1, 2020


The American Heritage Dictionary defines passion as: “any powerful emotion or appetite, such as love, joy, hatred, anger, or greed,” “boundless enthusiasm,” and “the object of such enthusiasm.”


Why does a man need passion then, to resuscitate his dreams?


Passion feeds a man’s soul because it helps him develop courage. When he views failure merely as a temporary delay to success, it bolsters the energy and resolve he needs to solve even greater problems, which helps him and society at large. With this approach, the guy becomes more courageous, not weaker in harder challenges. 


Secondly, having a passion, or purpose gives the fella meaningful and worthwhile ideas to share, which increases his self-esteem and resilience. In “The 16 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Follow Your Dreams,” Joel Brown indicates that having passion is fundamental to living because it makes men givers, instead of being me-centric or selfish, which leads to isolation and other negative repercussions (See link below).


Since having passion is essential to resuscitating your dreams, let’s do a visualization exercise to get your mind moving in a forward direction.


Right now, remember a time when you were a little boy/young man, full of life and possibility. Adults may have tried to deter you from doing something, but you were unstoppable. You set your mind on accomplishing (x) task, and eventually the result was achieved; whether it was conquering the infamous cookie jar, having your parents concede to another fifteen minutes of play, building a tree house with friends, catching that (x) pound fish, getting that special young lady to attend prom/special occasion with you, doing the impossible skateboard trick, or (x).


Weigh in: 

  • Why do you think passion is necessary for men to resuscitate their dreams?

  • What has gotten in the way of your passion?

  • Who has supported the passions you have, either in the past, or currently?

  • Would you kindly share what rekindled your ‘passionometer’ (my word) again?

  • What advice would you give to your younger self about the importance of having/maintaining passion in life?



Sparking passion is critical in the healing of men’s hearts, who have had complex trauma.


In my counselling / coaching work with traumatized men, who have learned to habitually employ anger, isolation, and numbing behaviors as a means of coping, there is a common denominator. Quite simply, they have lost their passion. These broken male clients say that abuse, neglect, or (x) situation made them believe that they were worthless.


Hearing this internal and negative dialog in turn, caused them to seek out substances or other dangerous behaviors. The men also indicated that key adults in their lives never supported, or they belittled the dreams/ambitions these guys had. The lack of nurture prompted them to later adopt, either a passive mindset, or develop an aggressive/bully approach to life.         


Four Critical Reasons A Man Needs Passion To Resuscitate His Dreams, with Bonus Tips:


  1. A man who lacks passion, does not have the energy, nor focus to accomplish his dreams. (A) If you are in this rut, spend time reviewing what gave you drive before, and determine how you can add these activities back into your current lifestyle.

  2. A man with an unhealthy passion, often seeks out novelty in negative behaviors such as: anger, isolation, and numbing behaviors, including, substance use, porn, excessive work, play, or hobbies to mask unresolved emotion and past trauma. His actions eventually lead to greater problems both, internally, and with significant relationships. (B) For those in distress, find a specially trained trauma counsellor or coach, to address your specific mental health needs, related to repeated traumatic episodes.

  3. A passionate man understands purpose gives him meaningful things to share with others, instead of focusing only on self. (C) Hence, explore what it could be through research, volunteering, or asking a loved one, friend, or colleague his/her opinion.

  4. A man with passion knows challenges present even greater opportunities to solve more complex problems, which is satisfying to him, and fulfils his, as well as others, dreams. (D) In this vein, find men with heroic stories, who were presented with similar obstacles to overcome, which can inspire you to do likewise. 


Fellas, realize that resuscitating your passion is fundamental to leading an abundant life, and for avoiding negative behaviors, which use your male energy in a counterproductive way. Rekindling purpose is especially important in the lives of traumatized men, who may have had their dreams squelched at an early age and were never given the chance to explore the possibilities. Lastly, a man with passion understands that challenges are simply opportunities for growing, which birth the best ideas, worthwhile of sharing.


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