A Leader's Love

September 9, 2020


Leadership is often a popular topic among social media, news outlets, articles, and of course, workplace settings. One of the misconceptions about leadership is that somehow it’s separated from the spiritual domain, because it’s generally discussed in the professional setting. This simply isn’t true and is handcuffing  managers placed in these positions. A simple search provides us the necessary information to base all assertions upon what leadership is and what it isn’t. We only need to look at our own language to discover what is already there. 


Leadership is defined as our capacity to lead, so then we must dig deeper to understand what it means to lead. 


According to Webster’s dictionary it’s a transitive verb, with these being the top three definitions. 

  • to guide on a way especially by going in advance

  • to direct on a course or in a direction

  • to serve as a channel for...


As you read these definitions, we clearly see how God loves us. When we serve as a channel for him, we become godly. We gain a clear vision of what direction to take and become the guide leading at the front, with the fortification and strength to endure due to becoming the channel for Him. Ever hear someone say, “man, that guy seems unstoppable!” 


He’s a leader. 


The true courage comes from the ability to love your people, team members, or followers. These definitions can also be metaphors for the actions the leader must take on the intrinsic plane. To go before and face the darkness of life, only to return rebuilt, proving there is hope for all. The overcoming of any obstacle, no matter how tragic, is what provides deep meaning to our lives. Hope is felt in the heart, the same as love, and must be spread as such. Darkness can become lonely, and hope is the light. 


How about to challenge their course of action, to challenge the direction they have chosen? Is this not one of the most loving actions we can make for our people, even in the midst of their tantrum and fight against our objection? Some of the most loving decisions I’ve ever made have been in contradiction of choices others made for themselves. Standing together in discomfort or even in arguments, on the way to physical altercations, only to have them come around weeks, months, or even years later, thanking me for saving them from themselves. 


So tell me how visits to the depths of darkness in life, hasn’t provided the abilities to find these faults in others, and pull them from those same depths before they slip too deep. A leader’s purpose is to awaken others to their own greatness buried within themselves. 


Become a channel...


Set the course or direction...


Lead the way...


Joseph DiRoma is a Personal Development Coach and part of the founding team of The Successful Male North America.


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